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Food Handlers Certification: Things To Know

Why obtain a Permit?
The Public Health Food Handling Regulation (1998) states: No person, including an operator, shall be employed in, or assist in food-handling establishment unless he is the holder of a valid Food Handlers Permit.

What are the requirements for obtaining a Permit?
The following are required for an applicant to be considered successful and granted a Permit:
Properly completed Application Form
Two (2) passport sized photographs signed by a 'Notary Public Official'
Application Fee paid Food Handler's Clinic attended Food Handler's Test passed (given at end of Clinic)

Where and when may I attend a Clinic?
Click here to see clinic locations and schedules in respective parishes.

Where may I obtain an application form?
You may obtain a Food Handler's Application Form by contacting your nearest Health Centre or Health Department. You may also download one by clicking here.

What is the fee charged for application?
The application fee as set out by the regulations is J$500.00 per application.
Application fees for students (i.e. to obtain a student Permit) is J$300.00 per application.
Application fees are non-refundable.

How long does a Permit last?
A Food Handler's Permit is valid for a period of one (1) year, but may be renewed upon expiration.

How do I renew my Permit?
After the expiration of your permit (after a year), take the old permit along with you and complete the following steps:
Complete Application Form
Pay Application Fee
Attend Food Handler's Clinic
Sit and pass Food Handler's Test (given at end of Clinic)

Who is a 'Notary Public Official'?
This is a person who may sign your passport photos. The following persons are considered 'Notary Public Officials':
Justice of the Peace (J.P.)
Superintendent of Police
Minister of Religion


Consideration is given to prospective food handlers who are graduates of a recognised training institution, and have training in food handling. These graduates would not have to go through the educational sessions, but will be required to do the assessment quiz administered by the health department.
These categories may be subjected to medical examination and laboratory evaluation if indicated.
Accredited students and trainees in educational institutions pay a fee of $ 300.
For further information contact your Parish Health Department or your nearest Health Centre.