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Hospital Frequently Asked Questions

What are my Rights?

You, as our customer, have the right to:
impartial access to treatment irrespective of race, religion, sex and nationality
respectful treatment at all times
privacy and confidentiality
know the identity and professional position of individuals who are providing services to you
know which physician or health professional is in charge of your treatment
be reasonably informed about and participate in any decision relating to your health
obtain complete and current information on your condition from the practioner in charge of your treatment.

What are my Responsibilities?

We expect that you will:
provide accurate and complete information on current complaints, previous diseases, hospitalization, drugs and other related conditions to the responsible professional
report whether you understand the course of action to be taken and what is expected of you
obtain permission from a nurse before accepting food from visitors
comply with instructions and follow the plan of treatment recommended by the practitioner in charge of your care
observe the hospital rules and regulations that relate to your behaviour
respect the rights and privacy of others. This includes helping to control noise, number of visitors and observing no smoking signs and restrictions

What are the Rights and Responsibilities of the Hospital?

The hospital has the responsibility to:
provide health care on the basis of clinical need and ability to pay
give a clear explanation of any treatment proposed, including any risks and alternatives before you agree to the treatment
keep the contents of your records confidential
investigate and remedy any complaint about the service

If I am admitted, what should I bring to the Hospital?

We know no one likes to be in hospital. It is stressful to be ill and away from loved ones and home conveniences. To try to make your stay a little more bearable, you are advised to bring:
nightwear (pyjamas, night-dress/nightie) and bed slippers
pillow and pillow cases
toiletries (soap, tissue, towels, rags, tootpaste, toothbrush, comb, hairbrush, shaving equipment)
reading material (e.g. Bible, books, magazines)
a radio with earphones
a favourite toy for children under eight (8) years
photograph of significant person(s) if desired
a small amount of cash

What are the things I should not bring to the Hospital?

To control noise and minimise the chance of infection, the following must not be taken to the hospital:
television sets
radios without earphones
musical instruments
tape recorders
potted plants
expensive jewellery and other valuable items
large sums of money
cellular phones

May I smoke?

Smoking is not permitted within hospitals. Customers who feel that thay must smoke must do so outside the hospital.

What is the hospital dress code?

Our hospitals have stipulated dress codes which are displayed at the entrances to the facilities. Generally, chothing that exposes your body should not be worn.

Where may I donate blood?

There are two major blood collection centres in the Region. One is located at Cornwall Regional Hospital, and the other is located at Savanna-la-mar Hospital. At these two centres you may donate blood for your relatives or make voluntary donations at any time. Remember, there is a shortage in the supply of blood islandwide. Donate today, and the life you save may be your own.

What services are provided at your hospitals?

Our hospitals provide a wide range of services to remedy various ailments. All services are not available at all hospitals, however. To see the services at a particular hospital within the WRHA, please view Parish Profiles